“A Reward for doing very good work”

Many donors ask us why we have prizes in the first place.  Well, the 2000 Club members succeed and do very good work so why not?  Also, if you believe you should not be getting such a reward you are welcome to donate it back to our patients so why not?  Below is the Cambridge Dictionary definition of a prize:

What is humbling is that winners are randomly selected, and when random things happen they are in the hands of a higher power.  As we make the calls every month, we often have tears on the other side of the phone as donors are awash with relief.  Some have just been retrenched, others need to fund operations, winners have had cars stolen just before… It is amazing!

Details of prizes

We currently run 3 2000 Clubs as the limit stipulated by the National Lotteries Board is for 2000 members.  Each club has a draw and the prizes are as below:

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