Winners – December 2018

If you have not had a phone call from us, you will not be on this list. We call each and every one of the
winners in order to personally congratulate you and to confirm your banking details. From time to time we also have the results published in the paper (if they have space for us).

Please see below the winners for the month:

Club Number One:

R20,000 – Mrs. Del Bentley

R2,000 – Mrs Nishie Maharaj (donated back – thank you!)
R1,000 – Ms Nombulelo Makhanya
R1,000 – Mr. Douglas Tatham (donated back – thank you!)
R1,000 – Shanley’s Funerals


Club Number Two:

R20,000 – Mr Trevor Whittle

R2,000 – Barbara Betsy
R1,000 – Mr. Dippenaar
R1,000 – Mr. Mark Dicks
R1,000 – Mrs Burmester


Club Number Three:

R20,000 – Mr Neville Letard

R2,000 – Mrs Nuyten (R200 donated back – thank you!)
R1,000 – Helen Biffmags
R1,000 – Mr. P Winter
R1,000 – Mrs M Sussams