Referral Email

Thanks for visiting this page!  You are here following a request for you to be an ambassador for our 2000 Club.  You need not dig into your wallet to help us change the world, you can recruit another member for us.  We would not have their R50 a month without your work, so consider yourself a vital volunteer in spreading the word!!!

Please feel free to copy the text below (to change it if you like) and to send it to your friends via email:

Dear friends

I am sending you this quick email in a plea to assist The Highway Hospice.  You may not know that although The Hospice provides care for the entire eThekwini municipal area, they do not expect payment for their service.  Their levels of care are famous, and there are not many people who have not been touched by their amazing work in some way.

I have recently joined their monthly donations program called, “The 2000 Club.”  This means so much to them that they even offer prizes to supporters.  For only R50 a month, I am in a draw every month to win R20,000 and other consolation prizes.  It is all legit, and run in accordance with the rules of the National Lotteries Commission.  Many payment options are available debit order, stop order, credit card or even R600 for the year…

I was blown away to hear that my R50 can provide enough morphine to provide pain management for a patient for 6 days!  I though you may want to take up the opportunity to not only be a winner every day by helping this amazing organization, but also to maybe win some cash!!!

Visit their website or or call them on (031) 208 6110 to discuss how you too can be a member?

As they say at the Hospice, “Every Day Matters” so lets make today a great one!!!

Your friend