Rules & Regulations

  • This project has been approved by the Board of The Highway Hospice Association (002-409NPO)
  • Proceeds are used for the care of terminally ill patients in the eThekwini Municipal area with a limited life expectancy
  • Club membership is open to the general South African public as well as staff and volunteers of The Highway Hospice
  • Preliminary draw to determine prize winners takes place on the 15th of the month under the auspices of our auditors BDO
  • The Prize Winners will be contacted and the prize money will be deposited directly in their bank accounts.  Please ensure that your contact details are amended should they change so we can reach you.
  • The prize money is guaranteed
  • Each membership has the value of R50.  This allows ONE draw per month however members are permitted to pay for many memberships in any monthly draw.
  • Memberships (draws) are limited to 2000 per club as per the limitations of acceptance from the National Lotteries Commission.  We have three clubs currently registered (00021/51-3).
  • As there is a chance to win prizes, payments for “Membership” may not attract an 18A certificate for tax deduction as prescribed by SARS.  Should you prefer this benefit, please let us know and we will process your gift as a “Donation Only” allowing your 18A certified receipt.  For more information please see *include tax link*
  • If you have not received a phone call or an email congratulating you, you have not won a prize.  Should you not be contactable for a period of 3 months, your winnings will be kept in a reserve account.  Following 6 months the winnings will be allocated to patient care.
  • Past prize winners are published on this website www.2000club.co.za, and often shared on our Facebook page with links on any newsletters we send to you.
  • 2000 club membership certificates are issued ON REQUEST ONLY