Tax Information

As the 2000 Club is run according to best practice and the law through the National Lotteries Commission all parties are protected. We jump through hoops to make sure all the regulations are adhered to as the Club is a very important part of our sustainability program.

Because of the chance to win prizes, we are not permitted to issue an 18A tax certificate for such donations. They are deemed “entry” to the draw, and as such may not also provide benefit for tax purposes. The 2000 Club is our, “Monthly Donor Program” and is designed to manage small monthly donations.

You are however able to instruct us to receive your contribution as a donation. This will mean you will not be in the draw for the prizes every month. You will in turn receive an 18A certificate which will provide you with the tax relief in stead. If you would like this to be the case, please contact Maya at the office to make the change for you.

We really appreciate all and any support, and are not impacted in either case. We want you to receive the benefit of either or value creation for yourself as a valued supporter of the Highway Hospice. Thank you for making a difference!

As we say here at the Hospice, "You are a winner every day!"